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Hayward® Commercial Pool offers the latest in filtration technology with the HCF Series of high-performance sand and cartridge filters, well-positioned to meet the most demanding commercial filtration requirements. Our next generation, heavy-duty fiberglass sand filters comprise additional sizes, innovative features and a new 5-year warranty. Our dual-quad cluster 700 square foot cartridge filter system features increased hydraulic efficiency, reducing operation costs.
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Commercial Fiberglass Sand Filter, 30in, 2in Bulkhead
Commercial Fiberglass Sand Filter, 30in, 2in Bulkhead

Item #HCF302

Hayward® Commercial HCF filters (36in. models) feature longer cycle time, better filtration and a more efficient backwash cycle. The exterior is gel-coated, glass-reinforced Thermoset composite. Twist-lock lid with O-ring seal opens without to

HCF Cartridge Filters

The Dual Quad-Cluster commercial HCF7030C cartridge filter system features a massive 700sq ft. of filter media. It is ideal for both new pool and aftermarket installations accommodating commercial flow rates to 150 GPM.