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Water chemistry automation prevents thousands of cases of recreational water illnesses every year. Thousands of commercial pools, spas, water parks and water treatment facilities worldwide rely on CAT Controllers, now certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50 to provide enhanced water quality management and reduced operational costs. Every model provides unmatched control over pH and sanitization for chlorine. Bromine or salt chlorinated pools. For a fully integrated, powerful, affordable all-in-one package, look to our HCC 1000 and 2000 controllers.
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System-Cat 1000 Ph,Ac003

Item #CAT-1000-CO2

The CAT 1000® monitors and automatically maintains healthy pH balance, protecting the pool surface and equipment while ensuring bather comfort.

CAT 2000 pH and ORP Controller & Sensors Only

Item #CAT-2000

The CAT 2000® constantly monitors pH and sanitizer activity (chlorine, bromine, even salt systems) and automatically implements chemical feeding in proportion to demand for picture-perfect water quality at all times.

CAT 4000

The CAT 4000® wireless, web-based water chemistry controller provides picture-perfect water quality on site and remote monitoring via PoolComm. You can view water quality data, etc. via email, mobile device, or SMS.

Cat 5000 With Cell Transceiver

Item #

Air Time-Annual,Cat 4000

Item #AT-AC4

Poolcomm.com allows detailed monitoring and adjustment of pH, ORP and more via the Internet, over any computer, Blackberry® or iPhone®. Multiple pools can be managed from any location. Pools can be grouped and alarm status seen at

HCC 1000

The HCC 1000 and HCC 1000 Complete Package are single channel pH water chemistry automation systems, that provide powerful technology in a simple, affordable package.

HCC 2000 Water Chemistry Controller

Item #HCC2000

The HCC 2000 is a powerful yet affordable microprocessor-based pH/OPR automated water chemistry controller. The controller features proportional feed to ensure precise water chemistry maintenance and operates using the ORP Method.