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Skim-Master is a non-corrosive, large capacity automatic surface skimmer featuring a round, tamper-proof access cover, self-adjusting 8” weir with stainless steel spring for added strength, dual outlets, and threaded internal connections for pressure testing. The optional float/bypass valve provides a suction outlet through skimmer system and an automatic pump by-pass for low water conditions. No glue is used in manufacturing, promoting maximum strength and longevity. Both the SP1071 and SP1070 Series provide knockout overflow port that guards against overflow or pool water refill.

  • Adjustable deck collar and access cover
  • Large debris basket and multiple plumbing connections for easier connections
  • Automatic by-pass for low water conditions


See the Residential website for more information.

Auto-Skim series skimmers are large capacity precision, automatic skimming mechanisms made for commercial applications. They’re molded from non-corrosive, non-conductive ABS.

  • Cover collar allowing 1 ½” vertical adjustment
  • Snap-in weir that adjusts automatically to 4 ½” variation in water level
  • Optional float/by-pass valve
  • Stackable notched extension collar allows infinite vertical adjustment
  • Accessories are available, including a float valve and equalizer kit for SP1080 series skimmer
  • NSF listed (NSF approved when used with commercial cover and equalizer)