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Product Description

Hayward AquaConnect® provides four ways to manage every essential pool and spa function. AquaConnect Web allows you to manage all the pools on your routes via the Internet, and the new AquaConnect App offers even easier access to AquaConnect on your iPhone® or iPad®. AquaConnect Home Network bridges the pool automation system to the Internet and allows homeowners to manage their pools using their wireless devices on their properties. Finally, AquaConnect Home Automation provides a serial option for seamless integration with select home automation systems, so that one keypad or display panel can handle their pool, home theater equipment, security, lighting and more.

At the office or on the road, you can monitor all of your customers' pool and spa settings, adjust parameters and receive an automatic alert if a problem is detected. Anything you can do in the backyard, you can now do from anywhere.

Download the AquaConnect App today.

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  • Aqua Connect Web - Remote Monitoring and control from anywhere
  • Aqua Connect Home Network - Remote Monitoring and control via home network and WiFi devices
  • Aqua Connect Home Automation - Remote Monitoring and control via home automation system