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TigerShark QC robotic cleaner with Quick Clean option Item # RC9990GR
Product Description

Featuring an intelligent microprocessor-based technology, the TigerShark family of robotic pool cleaners is recognized for its superior performance and efficiency. Loaded with industry-leading technology, TigerShark makes sure every inch of your pool gets that much cleaner, and fast! The TigerShark QC robotic cleaner is no exception with a fast cleaning cycle.

Efficient cleaning programs

  • All TigerShark models come with a standard cleaning cycle to clean your pool in just about 3 hours
  • Patented Quick Clean technology (TigerShark QC model) provides a choice of two cleaning programs: 3 hours for a complete deep clean; 90 minutes for a fast clean

Powerful on-board pump

  • Sucks up dirt and debris while scouring pool floor, coves, walls and waterline

Efficient vacuum strength

  • 24 V motor uses less energy and provides the most efficient vacuum strength when compared to other cleaning technology

Cartridge filter system

  • Cleanup is easy with the TigerShark cartridge filter system – just remove and rinse with a garden hose
  • First robotic pool cleaner to use a reinforced cartridge element

Easy to use

  • Requires no hoses or hookups nor additional pumps, just let it clean
  • Runs separately from the pool’s filtration system so there is less backwashing

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RC9990GR   TigerShark QC robotic cleaner with Quick Clean option Replacement Parts