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Auto-Skim Wide Track Series
Product Description

These versatile large capacity automatic skimmers feature an expansive 15.5in. skimmer face in addition to multiple throat lengths which provide installation flexibility and increased skimming action. They also include a 3/4 in auxiliary knockout port.

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Technical Specifications

Model Pipe Size Cover Style Throat Length


  • In-ground, vinyl, fiberglass, residential or commercial pools



Face Plate Cover (SP1085F)

Item #SP1085F

Snap on face plate cover for Auto-Skim Wide Track series skimmers

Equalizer Valve (SP1078)

Item #SP1078

Equalizer valve assembly for Skim-Master and Auto-Skim series skimmers

Float Valve Assembly (SP1082FV)

Item #SP1082FV

Float valve assembly for Auto-Skim series skimmers

Float Valve & Equalizer Kit (SP1080FVEKIT)

Item #SP1080FVEKIT

Float valve and equalizer kit for Auto-Skim series skimmers

Suction Outlet Valve Assembly (SP1082GV)

Item #SP1082GV

Skimmer to suction outlet valve assembly Auto-Skim series skimmers

Extension Collar (SP1084P1)

Item #SP1084P1

Extension collar for Auto-Skim series skimmers