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Hayward VGB compliant round suction outlets for concrete pools are available in a wide range of plumbing configurations, plaster collar options and colors.




Technical Specifications

???TS_ModelNumber??? Size Cover Open Area Sq. Inch Approved Flow GPM Floor (Horizontal) Approved Flow GPM Wall (Vertical) Side Outlet Pipe Size Bottom Outlet Pipe Size
WG1051AVPAK2 8" dia. 8.10 125 72 1 1/2" FIP 1 1/2" FIP
WG1052AVPAK2 8" dia. 8.10 125 72 2" FIP 1 1/2" FIP
WG1053AVPAK2 8" dia. 8.10 125 72 1 1/2" FIP 2" FIP
WG1054AVPAK2 8" dia. 8.10 125 72 2" FIP 2" FIP




Brass Insert & Screw Kit

Item #WG1048EKIT

Repair or upgrade existing suction outlet sumps and rings with this insert and screw kit

1.5in/2in Collector Tube


12in long slotted collector tube for 1.5in or 2in hydrostat port on all Hayward suction outlet sumps

1.5in/2in Hydrostatic Relief Valve

Item #SP1056

Spring loaded hydrostatic relief valve for 1.5in and 2in applications

Hydrostatic Relief Valve Tool


Installation and removal tool for SP1056 hydrostatic relief valve