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Hayward accessories are a combination of useful maintenance items and water movement products designed to increase the enjoyment of owning a pool. Ranging from the Bobby Pool Water Filter to the 1 lb. Pre-Measure D.E. Scoop to the exciting FunSpray, Hayward's line of accessories are priced to attract the value-conscious consumer

Increase your new pool and aftermarket accessory sales with Hayward's Point-of-Sale, Color-Box Program. Designed with the consumer in mind, Hayward color-boxes communicate the product features and benefits in an appealing visual presentation - making the decision to purchase an easy one

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12.7 lbs.
FunSpray™ - 1 1/2" MIP Multi-Spray Adjustable Fountain fits 1 1/2" FIP wall fitting and telescopes to accommodate up to 3" variance in fitting location. Includes bi-directional eyeball fitting and locking ring for easy installation

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SP7410   Funspray Replacement Parts