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TriStar 2-Speed Pump, 2.0 HP Full Rate Item # SP32202EE
Product Description
ENERGY STAR certification

For new construction & the aftermarket, TriStar is the most hydraulically efficient pool pump that provides superior flow and energy efficiency.

  • Most hydraulically efficient wet-end - can often step down in pump size(HP) -- same performance at a lower installation cost and cost of daily operation. Maintain the same size and, with greater flow, run the pump less per day, saving energy and money.
  • Heavy-duty motor with dynamic airflow - greater dependability and longer life.
  • 2in x 2.5in CPVC union connections - adapt to larger plumbing recommend ed for greater efficiencies with larger plumbing, run the pump less per day , saving energy and money. Quick and easy installation and servicing.
  • No-rib design basket - Debris doesn’t stick to the inside of the basket -- quicker and easier to clean. Huge size extends time between cleanings.

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SP32202EE   TriStar 2-Speed Pump, 2.0 HP Full Rate Replacement Parts