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EcoStar C



The new Hayward® EcoStar® C is the industry's most energy efficient variable speed pump. It's advanced hydraulic design moves water more efficiently, saving up to 90% on energy costs. Maintain peak performance and efficiency with genuine Hayward replacement parts.


Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
HCXP3400DR Drive-Ecostar C 1 13.0 lbs.
HCXP3400DR4C Cover-Clear Display, Var Spd P 5 3.0 lbs.
HCXP3400DRVR Drive-Ecostar C, Vacuum Releas 1 13.0 lbs.
HCXP3400LCD Display-Ecostar C Var Spd Pump 1 63.0 lbs.
SPX3021R Impeller Ring 50 2.0 lbs.
SPX3200A Housing-Pump 1 7.0 lbs.
SPX3200B3 Diffuser 5 4.0 lbs.
SPX3200DLS Strainer Cover Kit (Includes strainer cover, lock ring, o-ring) 10 8.0 lbs.
SPX3200DLSB Strainer Cover Kit (biguanide sanitizer applications only: not pressure testable) 10 10.0 lbs.
SPX3200E Seal Plate 5 10.0 lbs.
SPX3200GA Bracket, Motor Support 5 2.0 lbs.
SPX3200LCD Display-Var Spd Pump
SPX3200M Strainer Basket 2 2.0 lbs.
SPX3200Q Adapter-Motor Support 100 8.0 lbs.
SPX3200Q2 Adapter-Motor Support, Tristar
SPX3200S O-Ring Strainer cover 50 4.0 lbs.
SPX3200SA Shaft Seal Assembly 10 2.0 lbs.
SPX3200SR Riser Base, Sta-Rite® Max-E-Pro, Max-E-Glas®, Dura-Glas® and Dura-Glas II® 1 5.0 lbs.
SPX3200T O-Ring Housing 50 4.0 lbs.
SPX3200UG UNION GASKET (T-SEAL) 100 3.0 lbs.

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