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AquaRite Pro with AQL-CHEM



Professional-grade AquaRite® Pro takes salt chlorination and chemistry management to new levels. This integrated solution automatically senses chlorine and pH levels and dispenses a self-renewing supply of pure chlorine while controlling pH.

Integrating chemistry automation with salt chlorination eliminates the need for an additional device on the pool pad and lowers installation costs. So now you get the most consistent water quality possible, water that’s brilliant, soft and silky smooth, for the best possible swimming experience. Sense and Dispense chemistry automation can be purchased as a bundle with AquaRite Pro or separately to upgrade existing systems.

Right-sized salt chlorination.
Salt Chlorination TurboCells are available in three sizes  40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 gallons. The three sizes enable you to right-size your system for the most efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible.

TurboCells are sold separately.

 Water Chemistry Calculators

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  • 23 lbs.
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23 lbs.







AquaRite Pro

AQR-PRO-SD   AquaRite Pro with AQL-CHEM Replacement Parts

Aqua Rite Pro
Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
GLX-CTL-AR-PRO Chlorinator-AquaRite,No Cell 1 15.0 lbs.
GLX-PCB-AR-PRO Pcb-AquaRite,Replacement 15 12.0 lbs.
GLX-AR-PRO-MEM Assy-Membrane,Switch,Aqua Rite 1 2.0 lbs.
GLX-CELL-15 Cell-Turbo,AquaLogic/Rite,15F 1 4.1 lbs.
GLX-CELL-15-W Cell-Replacement,40K Gal,4000 1 4.0 lbs.
GLX-CELL-15-25 Cell-Turbo,AquaLogic/Rite,25F 9 50.0 lbs.
GLX-CELL-9-W Cell-Replacement,25K Gal,15Ft 1 4.4 lbs.
GLX-CELL-5 Cell-Turbo,AquaTrol,15Ft Cabl 1 4.0 lbs.
GLX-CELL-5-W Cell-Replacement,20K Gal,4000 1 5.4 lbs.
GLX-CELL-3-W Cell-Replacement,15K Gal,15Ft 1 4.4 lbs.
GLX-FLO-RP Switch-Flow,Replacement,No Tee 165 46.0 lbs.
GLX-FLO-RP-25 Switch-Flow,Replacement,No Tee 10 3.0 lbs.
GLX-FLO-T Tee-2 X 2 X 1/2, Flow Switch 15 4.0 lbs
GLX-XFMR Transformer-AquaLogic/Rite/Tr 8 56.0 lbs.
GLX-CELL-UNION Union-Nut/Tail,2In Slip,Buttre 50 8.0 lbs.
GLX-R-10PK Kit-Rectifier, 10 Pack 50 15.0 lbs.
GLX-F20A-10PK Kit-Fuse, 20A Yellow, 10 Pack 1 0.1 lbs.
GLX-PROBE-ORP Probe-Replacement,Orp 10 4.0 lbs.
GLX-PROBE-PH Probe-Replacement,Ph 1 1.0 lbs.
GLX-SD-ELEC-MOD Pcb-Replacement 1 1.0 lbs.
GLX-SD-FLOW Replacement-Water Cell W/Valve 12 6.0 lbs.
GLX-WINTER-KIT Kit-Replacement,Winterizing 1 1.0 lbs.
GLX-SP-LP3TUBE Replacement-Tube,Low Pressure 1 2.0 lbs.
GLX-SP-UVTUBE Replacement-Tube, Uv 1 5.0 lbs.
GLX-SP-STRAINER Replacement-Strainer 1 2.0 lbs.
GLX-SP-CHEKV Replacement-Check Valve 1 2.0 lbs.
GLX-SP-FLO Replacement-Flow Indicator 1 2.0 lbs.
GLX-SP-DB Replacement-Duck Bill (2 Pack)
GLX-SP-ROLLER Replacement - Roller Assembly
GLX-SADDLE Replacement-Saddle Clamp 1 2.0 lbs.
GLX-SP-PUMP-120 Replacement-Pump-120V
GLX-SP-PUMP-240 Replacement-Pump-240V
GLX-SP-TANK Tank-Acid Feed, 15 Gallon
GLX-SP-LP5TUBE Repl-Tube,Low Pressure #5