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AquaRite Pro Propfessional-grade Salt Chlorinator



Aqua Rite Pro is the first residential salt chlorination system with commercially robust, integrated chemistry automation that eliminates the need for an additional device on the pool pad, lowers installation costs and takes the hassle out of managing pool chemistry

  • First residential salt chlorinator in N.A. with integrated chemical automation
  • Eliminates unnecessary equipment on the pool pad and lowers installation costs
  • pH and ORP Sensing probes are commercially robust and accurate
  • Effective and reliable service foroptimum water quality, maximum cell life and minimum expense
  • Various cell sizes available

  • Aqua Rite Pro software revision 1.10

  • 1

  • 25 lbs.
Aqua Rite Pro software revision 1.10
Ctn. Qty.
Ctn. Weight
25 lbs.







AquaRite Pro

AQR-PRO   AquaRite Pro Propfessional-grade Salt Chlorinator Replacement Parts

Aqua Rite Pro
Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
GLX-CTL-AR-PRO Chlorinator-AquaRite,No Cell 1 15.0 lbs.
GLX-PCB-AR-PRO Pcb-AquaRite,Replacement 15 12.0 lbs.
GLX-AR-PRO-MEM Assy-Membrane,Switch,Aqua Rite 1 2.0 lbs.
GLX-CELL-15 Cell-Turbo,AquaLogic/Rite,15F 1 4.1 lbs.
GLX-CELL-15-W Cell-Replacement,40K Gal,4000 1 4.0 lbs.
GLX-CELL-15-25 Cell-Turbo,AquaLogic/Rite,25F 9 50.0 lbs.
GLX-CELL-9-W Cell-Replacement,25K Gal,15Ft 1 4.4 lbs.
GLX-CELL-5 Cell-Turbo,AquaTrol,15Ft Cabl 1 4.0 lbs.
GLX-CELL-5-W Cell-Replacement,20K Gal,4000 1 5.4 lbs.
GLX-CELL-3-W Cell-Replacement,15K Gal,15Ft 1 4.4 lbs.
GLX-FLO-RP Switch-Flow,Replacement,No Tee 165 46.0 lbs.
GLX-FLO-RP-25 Switch-Flow,Replacement,No Tee 10 3.0 lbs.
GLX-FLO-T Tee-2 X 2 X 1/2, Flow Switch 15 4.0 lbs
GLX-XFMR Transformer-AquaLogic/Rite/Tr 8 56.0 lbs.
GLX-CELL-UNION Union-Nut/Tail,2In Slip,Buttre 50 8.0 lbs.
GLX-R-10PK Kit-Rectifier, 10 Pack 50 15.0 lbs.
GLX-F20A-10PK Kit-Fuse, 20A Yellow, 10 Pack 1 0.1 lbs.