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30 In Sand Filter -Side Mount-

ITEM #  S311SX


Pro Series Plus incorporates the many features of Pro Series - plus satisfies the requirements of the most demanding installations, including pools with in-floor cleaning systems, spas, fountains or solar heating. Its spherical tank design evenly distributes the high pressure and stress associates with these applications, resulting in greater strength and longer life.

  • Durable, flanged inspection cover provides convenient access to top of filter
  • Top diffuser ensures even water distribution over the top of the sand media bed. All internal piping is 2in to give smooth, free-flowing performance
  • Automatic air relief purges trapped air during operation
  • Large pressure sand/water drain for rapid winterizing or servicing
  • Corrosion-proof tank molded of rugged, colorfast polymeric for longer life
  • Optional valve and coupling selections for plumbing ease and versatility
  • Precision engineered umbrella-fold self cleaning laterals for balanced flow and backwashing

  • 1

  • 74 lbs.

  • Side Mount
Ctn. Qty.
Ctn. Weight
74 lbs.
Side Mount
Not Included*
Sand Required
350 lbs.
Dimen. Width
Dimen. Height
38 5/8"







Pro-Series Plus

S311SX   30 In Sand Filter -Side Mount- Replacement Parts

Pro Series Plus
Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
SX200G Manual Air Relief 500 11.1 lbs.
SX200Z5 O- Ring 500 1.3 lbs.
SX244K Top Closure Dome 5 5.3 lbs.
GMX600F Valve O-Ring 100 6.0 lbs.
SX310N Heavy Duty Clamp 20 11.5 lbs.
SX311AA2FW 31in Filter Tank -S311Sx After 1 74.0 lbs.
SX244G Top Diffuser Assy 5 6.0 lbs.
SX311CD1FW Top Elbow Assy -S311Sx After 1 5 8.6 lbs.
SX311CD2FW Bottom Elbow Assy -S311Sx Afte 5 11.4 lbs.
SX310HN Lateral, New Style Pivot 100 8.4 lbs.
SX310HA Lateral 100 8.4 lbs.
SX311DA Lateral Holder Assy 1 2.6 lbs.
CX1100Z4 Auto Air Relief Tube -C1100- 34 4.0 lbs.
SX200Z2 Air Tube Lock Screw 1000 2.5 lbs.
SX180HG Drain Cap & Gasket 100 4.5 lbs.
SX180LA Drain Cap, Gasket & Screen 25 3.0 lbs.
SX200H Bottom Drain Screen 150 3.2 lbs.
SX310J Support Stand 1 8.6 lbs.
SX360Z1 O-Ring, Bulkhead 200 3.5 lbs.
SX360E Bulkhead Spacer 10 1.0 lbs.
SX244P Bulkhead Fitting -S244/311 Aft 25 8.7 lbs.
SX200Z4 O- Ring 500 3.6 lbs.
ECX270861 Pressure Gauge Boxed 100 18.0 lbs.
DEX2400S Air Relief Assy 100 8.6 lbs.
DEX2400Z3A O-Ring Set 100 2.0 lbs.