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Vinyl & Fiberglass



For use on residential and commercial pool, spa or water feature applications with various plumbing and color considerations. Suction outlets include all gaskets and screws necessary for installation. VBG compliant and tested to ANSI/APSP-16 standards.


Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
WG1048AVDGRPAK2 1.5in Suction Outlet Assembly-Dark Gray 6 37 lbs.
WG1048AVPAK2 1.5in Suction Outlet Assembly-White 6 37 lbs.
WG1049AVPAK2 2in Suction Outlet Assembly-White 6 36 lbs.

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Technical Specificiations

Model Number Size Cover Open Area Sq. Inch Approved Flow GPM Floor (Horizontal) Approved Flow GPM Wall (Vertical) Side Outlet Pipe Size Bottom Outlet Pipe Size
WG1048AVDGRPAK2 8" dia. 8.10 125 72 1 1/2" FIP 1 1/2" FIP
WG1048AVPAK2 8" dia. 8.10 125 72 1 1/2" FIP 1 1/2" FIP
WG1049AVPAK2 8" dia. 8.10 125 72 2" FIP 1 1/2" FIP


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Brass Insert & Screw Kit

Repair or upgrade existing suction outlet sumps and rings with this insert and screw kit


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1.5in/2in Collector Tube

12in long slotted collector tube for 1.5in or 2in hydrostat port on all Hayward suction outlet sumps


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1.5in/2in Hydrostatic Relief Valve

Spring loaded hydrostatic relief valve for 1.5in and 2in applications


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Hydrostatic Relief Valve Tool

Installation and removal tool for SP1056 hydrostatic relief valve



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