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Stratum Vacuum Release System

ITEM #  VR1000


For new construction or retrofit requirements, the Hayward Stratum® is the only VGB compliant Safety Vacuum Release System designed to vent to atmosphere and turn off the pump.

  • Vents to atmosphere and turns of the pump
  • Provides 2 layers of protection by reacting quicker to a change in vacuum and by venting to atmosphere and by turning off the pump
  • Automatically resets if tripped - eliminates nuisance trips
  • Adjustable Vacuum Window - accommodates all valve changes by controller like spa, water features, 2 speed and booster pump

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  • 15 lbs.
Ctn. Qty.
Ctn. Weight
15 lbs.







Stratum Vacuum Release

VR1000   Stratum Vacuum Release System Replacement Parts

Stratum Vacuum Release System
Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
VRX100E Valve-Solenoid, 24Vac 12 12.6 lbs.
VRX100KIT2 Kit-Clamp, Saddle 5 0.9 lbs.
VRX100H Fuse-Elecrical 5 0.4 lbs.
VRX100PAK Kit-Tubing Replacement 5 0.4 lbs.
CLX220J25 Tubing - 5/16 In X 25 Ft 5 3.3 lbs.
VRXPCBA Circuit Board-Fig A, Vr1000 1 2.6 lbs.
VRX100F Filter-Vent 5 2.0 lbs.