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H-Series Millivolt



Features on all millivolt heaters include rust-resistant water path withpolymer header assembly and a rapid-heat combustion chamber. They are easy to install and maintain, thanks to its low profile, lightweight and CPVC plumbing capabilities

H-Series heaters are all equipped with a Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger for efficient heating and superior durability. Cupro Nickel provides improved durability and longevity against the damaging effects of erosion that can occur under high-flow conditions, corrosion from occasional pool chemical imbalances, and is ideal for salt-chlorinated pools.

For extra protection, the cupro nickel material has been coupled with an improved flow rate by-pass control. Together, these added technological improvements ensure that your Hayward heater outperforms and outlasts expectations


Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
DHI150 Indoor Draft Hood 1 9.5 lbs.
DHI200 Indoor Draft Hood 1 12 lbs.
DHI250 Indoor Draft Hood 1 11.4 lbs.
H1501 H150 Na Mv Pool Heater 1 155 lbs.
H2001 H200 Na Mv Pool Heater 1 171 lbs.
H2501 H250 Na Mv Pool Heater 1 187 lbs.
HWS150 Outdoor Draft Hood -High Wind- 1 8 lbs.
HWS200 Outdoor Draft Hood -High Wind- 1 9 lbs.
HWS250 Outdoor Draft Hood -High Wind- 1 14 lbs.

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Technical Specifications

Model Number BTU Input Gas Type
H1501 150,000 Natural
H2001 200,000 Natural
H2501 250,000 Natural



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