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Skim-Master W/Square Lid 2in Sk

ITEM #  SP10712SSQ


Skim Master is a non-corrosive, large capacity automatic surface skimmer featuring a round, tamper-proof access cover, self-adjusting 8in. weir with stainless steel spring for added strength, dual outlets, and threaded internal connections for pressure testing. The optional float/bypass valve provides a suction outlet through skimmer system and an automatic pump bypass for low water conditions. No glue is used in manufacturing, promoting maximum strength and longevity.

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  • 8 lbs.
Ctn. Qty.
Ctn. Weight
8 lbs.
Pipe Size
2" SKT
Cover Style
Throat Length
4 1/2"







Skimmers - Concrete

SP10712SSQ   Skim-Master W/Square Lid 2in Sk Replacement Parts

SP1070 Skim-Master Series
Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
SPX1070BA10D Collar & Cover - Tan - Dol 5 7.0 lbs.
DEX7220B3C Head-With Clamp,Platinum 1 36.0 lbs.
DEX6020B2C Head-With Clamp,Black 1 22.0 lbs.
DEX2420ATC Filter Body -De2420-W Clamp Sy 1 23.0 lbs.
DEX6020BTC Filter Head W/Clamp System 1 22.0 lbs.
DEX2420BTC Filter Head W/Clamp System 1 11.0 lbs.
SPX1082H1B Flo-Control Slide Plate W/ Scr 100 5.0 lbs.
SPX1070Z6 Retaining Screw 1000 1.8 lbs.
DEX4820BTC Filter Head W/Clamp System 1 19.0 lbs.
SPX1070E2 Basket Handle 100 6.0 lbs.
DEX3620BTC Filter Head W/Clamp System 1 12.0 lbs.
DEX7220BTC Filter Head W/Clamp System 1 26.0 lbs.
DEX7220B2C Head-With Clamp,Black 1 36.0 lbs.
SPX1070FA Flo-Control Trimmer Plate W/S 100 6.0 lbs.
SPX1071K Replacement Weir For Sp1070/71 10 3.0 lbs.
SPX1070E Basket 12 6.0 lbs.
SPX1070KHR Weir Assembly Kit 10 5.0 lbs.
DEX2420A1BC Body-With Clamp,Black 1 23.0 lbs.
DEX2420A3C Body-With Clamp,Platinum 1 23.0 lbs.