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Summit In Ground Heat Pump 140,000 BTUs



Summit heat pumps offer excellent energy efficiency and industry-leading quiet operation. Locating plumbing connections on the back of the the unit for unobstructed access, makes installation fast and easy and a standard ultra gold fin evaporator coil make it corrosion resistant - even in the harshest coastal environment. Summit delivers energy efficiency, superior value, performance and reliability.

  • Thermostatic expansion valve delivers the right amount of refrigerant for optimal performance, regardless of the outdoor temperature
  • Electronic temperature control ensures constant temperature and energy savings
  • Scroll compressor means it runs super quiet
  • Titanium heat exchanger and plastic cabinet are corrosion and rust resistant - even in the harshest costal environment

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  • 320 lbs.
Ctn. Qty.
Ctn. Weight
320 lbs.







Summit Heat Pump

SUM8TA   Summit In Ground Heat Pump 140,000 BTUs Replacement Parts

Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
SMX305000004 Grid-Fan, 24 In 1 5.0 lbs.
SMX309077011 Panel-Top, Tan 1 7.2 lbs.
SMX300055036 Motor-Fan, 1/3 Hp, 825 Rpm 1 16.5 lbs.
SMX303140003 Blade-Lau 22/3/30 1 3.0 lbs.
SMX305099004 Evaporator-7 Ton 1 87.0 lbs.
SMX11024201 Compressor
SMX24024864 Heat Exchanger-318 In
HPX1462 Filter Drier 1 1.4 lbs.
SPX3200UNKIT Union Connector Kit (Nut, Connector, Gasket) 10 4.0 lbs.
SMX309099015 Panel-Front, X Long, Tan 1 9.7 lbs.
SMX15024907 Valve-Expansion, 6 Ton
SMX306050001 Cap-Run, 7.5 Mfd/370 Vac 1 0.2 lbs.
HPX11024743 Capacitor, 80 Uf, 370 Vac 6 10.5 lbs.
HPX1985 Contactor 5 4.4 lbs.
HPX2181 Water Pressure Switch, Flow 10 1.3 lbs.
HPX11023693 Transformer 1 0.8 lbs.
SMX306000016 Board-Electronic 1 0.5 lbs.
SMX306000023 Sensor-Air 1 0.2 lbs.
SMX306000024 Sensor-Water 25 1.4 lbs.
HPX11024259 Replacement Lp Switch 10 1.3 lbs.
HPX11024258 Replacement Hp Switch 10 1.3 lbs.
SMX306066002 Plug-Long, Compressor, Scroll 1 0.7 lbs.
SMX308000034 Panel-Lock Box 1 0.4 lbs.
SMX01024512 Dome-Plastic
SMX26024728 Assy-Panel, Acoustic, X-Long