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Pool Vac Classic Suction Cleaner, Gunite

ITEM #  1005CC


Pre-programmed steering makes the Pool Vac Classic™ faster and more efficient than any random style pool cleaner. It moves in a predetermined series of right and left turns to systematically provide more thorough coverage of pools' surfaces. Pool Vac Classic scoops up small to medium-sized debris and deposits it directly into existing filtration systems. No need for additional equipment or expense. For the ultimate in easy, trouble-free operation, leave your customers pool cleaning to Hayward's Pool Vac Classic.

  • Pre-programmed steering pattern assures thorough, efficient pool coverage
  • Superior Turbine Technology means it operates silently with no pulsating hoses or noisy parts
  • Easy to use - Connects in less than 10 minutes to skimmer or suction port
  • Removes small to medium-sized debris
  • For concrete in-ground pools

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  • 20.0 lbs.
Ctn. Qty.
Ctn. Weight
20.0 lbs.







Pool Vac Classic

1005CC   Pool Vac Classic Suction Cleaner, Gunite Replacement Parts

Pool Vac Classic™
Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
AXV070 Cone Gear, Clear 10 4.0 lbs.
AXV301 Inter Gear 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV309 Inter Gear Shaft 50 1.0 lbs.
AXV068 Spindle Gear Screw 50 1.0 lbs.
AXV303 Cone Spindle Gear 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV066A Cone Spindle Gear Bushing 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV306 Cone Gear Bushing 25 5.0 lbs.
AXV060WH Upper Middle Body, White 10 5.0 lbs.
AXV065P Upper Body Screw, 6 Pk 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV064A Medium Turbine Drive Gear 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV062C Medium Turbine (Turcite A) 25 5.0 lbs.
AXV009 Medium Turbine Case/Axle Assy. 25 10.0 lbs.
AXV408P Gear Box Assy,304Ss 25 3.0 lbs.
AXV051AWH Screen,White 50 1.0 lbs.
AXV050CWH Lwr Mid Body, Wht, One Insert 10 8.0 lbs.
AXV057P Middle Body Screw, (6 Pk) 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV699P A-Frame/Bushing/Saddle Kit 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV031B Flap Adjuster (Turcite A) 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV230DWH Open Lower Body, White 10 10.0 lbs.
AXV434WHP Flap Kit, White 50 10.0 lbs.
AXV621D Kit-Universal, A-Frame Assy 25 2.0 lbs.
AXV417WHP Pod Kit, White 25 15.0 lbs.
AXSCR4008 Kit-Screw, Stp Pod, 2 Pack 10 1.0 lbs.
AXV016P Pod Plug (6 Pack) 100 2.0 lbs.
AXV014P Pod Shoes,Concrete-4Pack,Pv/Pm 25 2.0 lbs.
AXV604WHP Wing Kit, White, Ad 50 5.0 lbs.
AXV055P Main Turbine Bearings (2 Pack) 50 2.0 lbs.
AXV112P Turbine Kit 25 5.0 lbs.
AXV141 Access Assy W/Cap Scr,Pvc/Pmc 25 1.0 lbs.