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Hayward Blu Concrete Suction Cleaner



Hayward Blu is a smart choice for all types of in-ground pools. Exclusive SmartDrive technology makes it faster and more efcient than random-style pool cleaners. It moves in a predetermined series of turns to systematically provide more thorough coverage. Discriminating pool owners will value Hayward Blu’s ability to clean their pool in an intelligent manner. Compared to other suction cleaners, its technology also allows for silent operation.

Hayward Blu gives pool owners easy, trouble-free operation - no emptying or replacing debris bags. Getting a sparkling clean pool is effortless. And because it’s powered by existing ltration systems, there’s no expense of an energy-consuming booster pump.

Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive SmartDrive® - programmed steering moves cleaner in a predetermined series of turns for more thorough cleaning
  • Advanced Suction Technology utilizes pool’s existing ltration system - no booster pump required
  • Silent Operation - No pulsating hoses or noisy parts, for a peaceful pool environment
  • Easy to use - Connects in less than 10 minutes to skimmer or suction port
  • 32 feet of hose
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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  • 16.6 lbs.
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16.6 lbs.







Hayward Blu

BLUCON   Hayward Blu Concrete Suction Cleaner Replacement Parts

Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
AXV303 Cone Spindle Gear 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV031B Flap Adjuster (Turcite A) 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV062C Medium Turbine (Turcite A) 25 5.0 lbs.
AXV602P Turbine Kit For 925/2025 Serie 25 6.0 lbs.
AXV071B Medium Turbine Axle,316Ss 25 1.0 lbs.
AX5000A2 Bottom Hsg 1 4.0 lbs.
AXV622604WHP Propulsion/Wing Combo Rebuild
AXV314P Captive Screw W/Clip 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV622DPK Kit-Universal, Propulsion Wh 1 3.0 lbs.
AXV603 Conc Access Cover Assy 25 3.0 lbs.
AXV051AWH Screen,White 50 1.0 lbs.
AXV050CWH Lwr Mid Body, Wht, One Insert 10 8.0 lbs.
AX5000A2BK Bottom Hsg-Black 1 4.0 lbs.
AXV603CLO Access Cover Assy, Wide Stando
AXV313 Lower Body Screw, M5 X 10Mm 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV093CP Skimmer Adapter Cone 50 9.0 lbs.
AXV066A Cone Spindle Gear Bushing 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV306 Cone Gear Bushing 25 5.0 lbs.
AXV070 Cone Gear, Clear 10 4.0 lbs.
AXV605WHP Bumper,White 10 5.0 lbs.
AXV622DPKBK Kit-Universal, Propulsion Bk 1 3.0 lbs.
AXV414604WHP Wing/Shoe Combo Maintenace Kit
AXV060WH Upper Middle Body, White 10 5.0 lbs.
AX5000A4 Hsg-Bottom, Viio, W/Retainers 1 3.0 lbs.
AXV408P Gear Box Assy,304Ss 25 3.0 lbs.
AXV064A Medium Turbine Drive Gear 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV699P A-Frame/Bushing/Saddle Kit 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV434WHP Flap Kit, White 50 10.0 lbs.
AXV301 Inter Gear 25 1.0 lbs.
AXV068 Spindle Gear Screw 50 1.0 lbs.
AXV621DAT Kit-Universal, Turbine/A-Frame 10 5.0 lbs.
AXV009 Medium Turbine Case/Axle Assy. 25 10.0 lbs.
AXV230DWH Open Lower Body, White 10 10.0 lbs.
AXV309 Inter Gear Shaft 50 1.0 lbs.