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50 Sq Ft Star Clear Filter

ITEM #  C500


Hayward Star-Clear™ cartridge filters provide crystal clear water and have extra cleaning capacity to accommodate pools and spas of all types and sizes. For replacement or new pool installations, Star-Clear sets the standard of excellence and value.

  • Single locking knob securely fastens head to filter tank, eliminating bolts or clamps
  • Attractive, durable filter head may be rotated to conveniently position pressure gauge and manual air relief
  • Injection-molded filter tank for dependable corrosion-free performance
  • Extra-large cartridge element with new precision engineered core provides extra-strength and maximum flow
  • Elevated, filtered water collector and debris sump prevents accidental by-pass of heavy debris to pool or spa when cartridge is removed for cleaning

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  • 17 lbs.
Ctn. Qty.
Ctn. Weight
17 lbs.
Residential Design Flow Rate
50 GPM
Residential Turnover 8 Hrs (Gal)
Residential Turnover 10 Hrs (Gal)
Public Design Flow Rate
18 GPM
Public Turnover 8 Hrs (Gal)
Public Turnover 10 Hrs (Gal)
Effective Filtration Area
50 ft.2
Pipe Size
1 1/2" x FIP
Dimen. Width
10 1/2"
Dimen. Height
29 1/2"








C500   50 Sq Ft Star Clear Filter Replacement Parts

Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
CX250G Star-Clear Locking Knob 50 11.2 lbs.
CX250Z7 Locking Knob O-Ring 200 1.0 lbs.
ECX1322A Directional Vent Valve W/O-Rin 500 7.0 lbs.
CX250C Star-Clear Filter Head Dome 4 7.5 lbs.
CX250F Star-Clear Filter Gasket 50 8.0 lbs.
CX500Z2S Tie Rod -C500- 1 2.0 lbs.
CX500RE Repl Element -C500- 1 4.5 lbs.
CX500AA1 Filter Body Repl -C500- 1 10.9 lbs.
ECX27091 Pressure Gauge (Boxed) 100 20.0 lbs.
CX250Z14A Drain Plug W/O-Ring 400 8.4 lbs.
ECX4077B1 Check Valve 100 9.3 lbs.
ECX1326A Flexible Elbow 20 14.6 lbs.
SPX14853 Sweep Elbow Union 20 18.0 lbs.