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Solar Pool Control with display, low voltage output, timeclock



AquaSolar® Time Clock model provides all the capabilities of the AquaSolar plus an integral time clock for 24-hour control of the pool's main pump and filtration system.

  • Automatically maximizes solar heat collection by actuating a 24V valve when there is solar heat available
  • Digital display
  • LED indicators show status of system operations
  • Automatic switching (selectable) from solar pool heating to nocturnal pool cooling
  • Single-setting adjustment for desired pool/spa temperature
  • Recirculation freeze protection
  • Installer-programmable features for any-system adaptability
  • Quick, accurate, easy-to-set desired temperature controls
  • Easy to read, understand and operate

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  • Aqua Solar with LV and HV outptu, timeclock 3 HP relay

  • 1

  • 25 lbs.
Aqua Solar with LV and HV outptu, timeclock 3 HP relay
Ctn. Qty.
Ctn. Weight
25 lbs.







AquaSolar TC

AQ-SOL-LV-TC   Solar Pool Control with display, low voltage output, timeclock Replacement Parts

Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
SPX0525AS Faceplate-Colorlogic Stainless 10 9.4 lbs.
GLX-CTL-AR-PRO Chlorinator-AquaRite,No Cell 1 15.0 lbs.
GLX-PL-LOC-PS16 Display-Local,ProLogic PS-16 1 3.0 lbs.
GLX-LOCAL-P-4 Display-Local, AquaLogic, P-4 10 18.0 lbs.
SPX0533Z1 Screw Set-Ret. Sp0530 Series 100 9.0 lbs.
GLX-LOCAL-PS-8 Display-Local, AquaLogic, PS-8 10 40.0 lbs.
GLX-AR-PRO-MEM Assy-Membrane,Switch,Aqua Rite 1 2.0 lbs.
GLX-LOCAL-PS-4 Display-Local, AquaLogic, PS-4 10 18.0 lbs.
GLX-PL-LOC-PS4 Display-Local,ProLogic PS-4 8 48 lbs.
SPX0525Z1 Screw Set-Ret. Sp0520 Series 100 8.4 lbs.
GLX-PL-LOC-PS8 Display-Local,ProLogic PS-8 8 48 lbs.
GLX-LOCAL-PS-16 Display-Local, AquaLogic, PS-16 8 16.0 lbs.
SPX0533AS Faceplate-Colorlogic Stainless 10 3.7 lbs.
GLX-PL-LOC-P-4 Display-Local, ProLogic P-4 1 3.0 lbs.