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Hp-2100 Heat Pump

ITEM #  HP2100


For the after-market and new construction the HeatPro is the only round, compact designed heat pump that combines excellent energy efficiency, industry leading quiet operation, easy installation and for superior value, performance and reliability, a standard ultra gold fin evaporator coil for superior coastal corrosion resistance. - Titanium Heat Exchanger - Excellent Salt Water and chemical Corrosion Resistance - Exclusive -Ultra Gold- Evaporator Coil Corrosion Resistant Especially in Coastal Areas - Quiet Operation - Quiet Backyard Environment - AHRI Certified Performance - Independent Lab Certified Performance Ensures Value of Purchase - Round Design - Easily Fits Through Gates and Takes Up Less Space on Equipment Pad - 2- x 2 1/2- CPVC Union Plumbing Connections - Common Union for Installation or Service, Adapts to Larger Plumbing Recommended for Greater Efficiencies - Lighter Weight - Less than 250 Pounds







Heat Pro

HP2100   Hp-2100 Heat Pump Replacement Parts