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HCC 2000 Complete Package with Pre-Mounted Chemical Feed Pumps

ITEM #  HCC2000-CP


Perfect for swimming pools, spas, and water features, the HCC 2000 is a powerful yet affordable microprocessor-based pH and ORP water chemistry controller. The controller features proportional feed to ensure precise water chemistry maintenance, and operates using the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) method of water analysis to ensure rapid deactivation of such waterborne pathogens as E. coli in swimming pool water.

The HCC 2000 Complete Package provides the ultimate one stop shop experience, one unit pre-configured with everything required to make water chemistry management simple, convenient, and affordable. This package includes the HCC 2000 controller, flow cell, and flow sensor, all now pre-mounted on a PVC backboard with peristaltic feed pumps for pH and chlorine adjustment.

  • Advanced microprocessor-based design technology
  • Comes with chemical feed equipment compatible with all existing chemical feed systems; chlorine, bromine, electronic chlorine (salt) generators, acid and CO2
  • Simple to operate user interface with easy to read LED display
  • Complete package offers a total chemical automation system for easy installation and ultimate convenience
  • 1-year limited warranty on controller and factory labor
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Certified

 NSF/ANSI Standard 50

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  • 20 lbs.
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20 lbs.







HCC 2000

HCC2000-CP   HCC 2000 Complete Package with Pre-Mounted Chemical Feed Pumps Replacement Parts

Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
CAX-20206 Sensor-Flow,Float Style 1 0.2 lbs.
GLX-PL-LOC-PS16 Display-Local,ProLogic PS-16 1 3.0 lbs.
GLX-LOCAL-P-4 Display-Local, AquaLogic, P-4 10 18.0 lbs.
CAX-20200 Sensor-Flow,Pressure,Cable 1 0.5 lbs.
GLX-CTL-AR-PRO Chlorinator-AquaRite,No Cell 1 15.0 lbs.
CAX-20257 Arm-Flow Cell 1 0.2 lbs.
CAX-20258-3 Backboard-Pvc,16 X 21 1 5.0 lbs.
GLX-LOCAL-PS-4 Display-Local, AquaLogic, PS-4 10 18.0 lbs.
GLX-AR-PRO-MEM Assy-Membrane,Switch,Aqua Rite 1 2.0 lbs.
GLX-LOCAL-PS-8 Display-Local, AquaLogic, PS-8 10 40.0 lbs.
CAX-20259 Cell-Molded And Sensor,Flow 1 3.5 lbs.
GLX-PL-LOC-PS8 Display-Local,ProLogic PS-8 8 48 lbs.
GLX-PL-LOC-PS4 Display-Local,ProLogic PS-4 8 48 lbs.
CAX-20253 Connector-Speedfit,1/4X3/8 In 1 0.2 lbs.
GLX-PL-LOC-P-4 Display-Local, ProLogic P-4 1 3.0 lbs.
CAX-20202 Sensor-Flow,Only 1 0.2 lbs.
GLX-LOCAL-PS-16 Display-Local, AquaLogic, PS-16 8 16.0 lbs.