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Pro-Series™ Top Mount Systems



Superior inside-out filtration
This sand filter for pools includes an integral top diffuser capable of evenly distributing unfiltered water in an umbrella-shaped, cascading pattern over its sand media bed-this enables optimal filtration from each sq. in. of sand. From there, the auto-cleaning underdrain, outfitted with 360-degree slotted laterals, channels a quick-flowing, balanced stream of clean water back into the pool while permitting fuller backwashing. What’s more, the filter’s full-flow design lowers energy expenses because it allows the system to operate for shorter durations.

Seven-position valve provides optimal control
Hayward’s patented control valve includes seven different filter positions. The easy-to-operate lever-action handle allows you to adjust the settings quickly.

A long-lasting solution
The uniquely designed folding ball joint contained in the laterals enables easy access of the filter assembly to allow simple servicing. The corrosion-resistant housing provides these sand filters for above ground pools with years of protection against the effects of harsh weather.

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1 1/2in Suction & Discharge Hose Package

Hayward accessories are a combination of useful maintenance items and water movement products designed to increase the enjoyment of owning a pool.


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24-piece 1 1/2in x 6in Spiral Hose Pack

For above-ground pools, Perflex DE filters and filter systems provide superior water clarity, extended filtercleaning cycles, and require no backwashing.



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  • Above-ground/on-ground pools