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ABG Pump Parts



Hayward pumps are engineered for dependability and performance. Recognized as the industry leader, our line of high performance and medium head pumps lead the way in energy efficiency. NSF and UL rated, our pumps are equipped with heavy-duty motors for cool, quiet, efficient operation. All of our pumps are engineered and designed to stand-up to today's most demanding installations, setting a new standard of performance for swimming pool, spa and waterfall pumps.


Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
SPX1250WA Cord Set, 3 Wire No. 14 AWG, 6' long, with plug and terminals 10 6.6 lbs.
SPX1250WAB Cord Strain Relief -Conduit 250 9.3 lbs.
SPX1500AA Pump Housing 1 4.1 lbs.
SPX1500AAT Pump Housing 4 4.5 lbs.
SPX1500B Housing Cover 20 11.3 lbs.
SPX1500B1T Housing Cover 15 9.7 lbs.
SPX1500CAP Ppl Strainer Housing W/Basket 1 2.4 lbs.
SPX1500D2A Strainer Cover W/O-Ring 10 7.9 lbs.
SPX1500E 1/2 Hp Impeller 25 3.7 lbs.
SPX1500F 3/4 Hp Impeller 10 1.9 lbs.
SPX1500G Union Nut 80 13.3 lbs.
SPX1500H Housing Gasket 100 5.4 lbs.
SPX1500JS Union End Connector Skt 25 4.0 lbs.
SPX1500JT Union End Connector Thr 25 6.6 lbs.
SPX1500KA Seal Assy 10 1.9 lbs.
SPX1500L 1 Hp Impeller 25 7.0 lbs.
SPX1500LH 1 Hp Hi-Perf Impeller 25 5.4 lbs.
SPX1500LX Strainer Basket 10 3.4 lbs.
SPX1500M O Ring 1000 2.5 lbs.
SPX1500N1 Screw 1000 9.6 lbs.

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