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AquaRay Above Ground Flapper Disc Cleaner

ITEM #  DV1000


AquaRay® is an affordable, automatic suction cleaner with only one moving part for added reliability. Backed by the most trusted name in swimming pool equipment, AquaRay scoops up dirt and debris from three separate intake ports. Its gliding motion makes it an ideal choice for cleaning above-ground pools and is easily installed, without tools, in less than 10 minutes.

  • Flapper technology - only one moving part
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes without tools
  • Works with your existing filtration system; no extra energy-consuming booster pump is required
  • Pulls in dirt from three intake ports
  • Automatic regulator valve sets the ideal suction
  • Automatic regulator valve sets the ideal suction
  • Includes 32 feet of hose to thoroughly cover up to a 24' round pool

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  • 12 lbs.
Ctn. Qty.
Ctn. Weight
12 lbs.








DV1000   AquaRay Above Ground Flapper Disc Cleaner Replacement Parts

Model Number Description Ctn. Qty. Ctn. Weight  
DCX150 Foot 10 2.9 lbs.
DCX162 Disc (Seal) Sunray 1 1.0 lbs.
DCX124 Float 10 0.6 lbs.
DCX122 Retainer-Hammer 10 0.4 lbs.
DCX172 Adapter-Hose 10 1.1 lbs.
DCX170 Diverter-Eyeball 10 0.8 lbs.
DCX128 Deflector 1 9.4 lbs.
DCX126 Handle-Float 10 2.0 lbs.
DCX120 Hammer/Wing 10 2.3 lbs.