Hayward Pools

EcoStar® - Replacement Parts Diagram

ID Part No. Description
01 SPX3200UNKIT Union Connector Kit
02 SPX3200UG Union Gasket (Set of 2)
03 SPX3200A Pump Strainer Housing
04A SPX3200DLS Strainer Cover Kit
04B SPX3200DLSB Strainer Cover Kit for Biguanide
05 SPX3200S Strainer Cover O-Ring
06 SPX3200M Strainer Basket
07 SPX3200Z8 Diffuser Screw Kit (Set of 2)
08 SPX4000Z1 Diffuser O-Ring
09 SPX3200B3 Diffuser
10 SPX3200Z1 Impeller Screw
11 SPX3021R Impeller Ring
ID Part No. Description
12 SPX3220C 2 HP MR Impeller w/screw
13 SPX3200SA Shaft Seal Assembly
14 SPX3200T Housing Gasket
15 SPX3200E Seal Plate
16 SPX3200Z211 Insert Spacer Kit (Set of 6)
17 SPX3200Z3 Housing Bolt Kit (Set of 6)
18 SPX3200Z5PAK4 Motor Bolt Kit
19 SPX4000FG Drain Plug / O-Ring
20 SPX3200GA Motor Support
21 SPX3200Q Motor Support Adapter
22 SPX3400Z1ECM Motor Assembly
23 SPX3400LCD Control Display
ID Part No. Description
24 SPX3400FAN Motor Fan Shroud
25A SPX3400DR Motor Drive
25B SPX3400DRVR SVRS Motor Drive
25C HCXP3400DR (Commercial) Motor Drive
25D HCXP3400DRVR (Commercial) SVRS Motor Drive
26A SPX3400DR4 Display Cover - Black
26B HCXP3400DR4C (Commercial) Display Cover - Clear
27 SPX3400DR2 Drive Electrical Cover
28 SPX3400DRKIT Wall Mount Kit
29 SPXHKIT100 HKIT Quick Pump Repair