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Hayward carries the latest in above-ground pool filters to ensure that your water remains clean and clear. Our filters are noted for their simple operability and low maintenance demands; these devices have set a new standard for value, dependability, and performance in above-ground pool filters. Fabricated with tough, colorfast reinforced thermo-plastic materials, Hayward filters deliver dependable, all-weather performance. Search through our offerings available here at to discover the right product for your needs. You may also wish to examine our selection of above-ground pool pumps.

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D.E. Filters

A lot of professionals call D.E. filtration the best method available for above-ground pools, as it is capable of filtering finer debris particles than possible with sand or cartridge methods.

Sand Filters

Sand is the oldest and most popular pool filtration method. All sand filters feature two characteristics: 1) When the device is in filtration mode, water will always flow from top to bottom; 2) It includes an underdrain or lateral drain with slots to hold back sand.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are known for their water conservation because there is no backwashing required. While water passes through a cartridge filter, the surface of the cartridge element screens out dirt. When it is clean, the cartridge traps larger particles, with tinier particles being filtered out as the pores of the element become clogged by the bigger debris.